CrystalConnect Reference Diamond Review

December 17, 2021 § Leave a comment

You bet! While it might have sounded a bit stiff, flat and “silvery” at the beginning, all objections dissolved into pure pleasure as the playing time progressed. The Reference Diamond Speak is equipped with a plug-in coupling for attachments with different connectors that can be screwed securely tight. After the play-in, it sounded perfectly balanced, as “big” as it was tidy and displayed no limitations in the dynamic range, even when Accustic Arts‘ potent AmpII-MK4 shot the vehement impulses of Monty Alexander‘s “Moanin‘” at brutal volumes through it. Paul Kuhn‘s “Young At Heart” enchanted with a profound, decidedly contoured foundation as well as a feel-good atmosphere made of harmonious, vibrant timbres. On top of that, its skills in depth gradation and unbiased naturalness were captivating once again. In short: This super-cable overturns common prejudices and makes us think anew.


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