Spotify Car Thing, An Audiophile Perspective

December 20, 2021 Comments Off on Spotify Car Thing, An Audiophile Perspective

The real use case for Car Thing is for cars without CarPlay or Android Auto. There is a nice preset feature, enabling quick access to anything playable via Spotify as well. In my previous car with an Alpine head unit, installed before CarPlay or touchscreens were a thing, the Car Thing would have been a great add-on. Again, with the immanent release of lossless audio from Spotify and the data path that sends music from the cloud to the phone to the audio system (bypassing the Car Thing), this Bluetooth remote would be a welcomed addition to certain cars. 

I also thought about using Car Thing in my house as a remote control for Spotify. Yes, this is a kludge but I’m sure there could be a neat use for this at home. I connected the Usb C port of Car Thing to my Leviton T5835 30 watt / 6 amp power outlet with built-in USB C ports. The Car Thing wasn’t happy. It gave me the following message, “Use adapter – TO power Car Thing, use the adapter provided with your device.” 

I then connected Car Thing to my Apple Pro Display XDR’s USB ports and the unit powered up perfectly. Car Thing controlled my phone identically to how it had while in my car. Use cases will vary, but I’m sure there is a situation where one’s phone is in another room or physically connected to a stereo, and the little Car Thing mounted to a wall would be a nice way to control music. Keep in mind, there are no speakers or audio outputs on the Car Thing. It’s only a remote. Have I said that enough?


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