Nordost QSOURCE Linear Power Supply $2749 Review

February 27, 2022 § Leave a comment

Multitasking in audio—as in life—often proves a poor choice. Many LPS models can be adapted to drive multiple devices, but this very often results in a watered-down version of the single device performance. When I ordered the fittings to attach a second device to my CH Precision X1 External Power Supply, it was not as good as when only one CH device was attached. When I listened to the Fidelizer Nikola powering two devices, then turned one off, the sound improved. With these two power supplies, a single connected device was the way to go.

The QSOURCE has six outputs, four of which are dedicated to the Nordost QPOINT product (sold separately). The remaining two can be adjusted to variable output voltages and are suitable to replace the wall-warts used by many music servers, NAS drives, etc. I powered up the QSOURCE with two devices attached, then switched one off, with the expectation that it would follow the pattern and show an improvement—but it didn’t. The QSOURCE is the exception to the multitasking rule. 


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