KEF new Blade loudspeakers $28,000 Review

March 11, 2022 § Leave a comment

The Blade Two is not a trickle-down product that does a rough approximation of the Blade One to hit a lower price point. Priced at $28,000 per pair, the Blade Two does exactly what the Blade One does in large rooms, but the Blade Two low frequency system is designed to work better in smaller environments. Essentially, room gain will differ between large- and medium-sized listening rooms, and the Blade Two is meant for the latter so that bass overload doesn’t become a difficult issue.

Consider the Blade One Meta and Blade Two Meta to be KEF’s latest work on bringing this all together, remembering that work on the first Blade was begun in 2006 and continued for 5 years before it’s 2011 introduction. KEF has had 10 addition years to work on the Blade and get it even closer to the ideal. The improved linearity (same electrical or acoustic characteristics at all frequencies) in the Blade One Meta and Blade Two Meta are impressive achievements: nearly every parameter got better on an already outstanding speaker.


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