May 6, 2022 § Leave a comment

Though I could have hooked my TV up to the M10 V2, I decided to use it just for music. The HDMI input allows for home theater listening with the addition of wireless surround speakers for a 4.2 experience, but oddly, there is no inclusion of a center channel. Sure, you could “phantom” it, but it is an unfortunate exclusion. In fairness, this device is not designed to be a home theater receiver and the fact that you can hook in your TV is really a bonus anyway.

I played music from all genres and found the M10 V2 to be detailed, dynamic, and easy to use. The unit ran warm after hours of use but never got hot to the touch. I never sounded strained or overtaxed. The touchscreen volume wheel was very sensitive, and the remote volume was quite responsive as well. The BluOS app has everything you need to control the sound of the M10 V2 and offers almost all the major streaming services. You can adjust the tone, the subs and turn Dirac on/off on the fly. A nice touch is the transition from one song to another. The volume fades in and out briefly so you don’t blast your speakers or ears. It is a subtle effect, but pleasant.


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