SPL Elector/Performer s1200 Pre/Power Amplifier £2399/£6499  Review

October 31, 2022 Comments Off on SPL Elector/Performer s1200 Pre/Power Amplifier £2399/£6499  Review


From the simplicity of Matei Varga’s The Year That Never Was set [Sono Luminus DSL-92258; DSD128], with its solo piano works – the instrument rendered with gorgeous vibrancy – to the crisp Dausgaard/Swedish Chamber Orchestra recording of Brahms’s First Symphony [BIS 1756, 44.1kHz/24-bit], these SPL amplifiers are a revelation.

They seem able to deliver realistic weight and power while still keeping rhythms tight and the musical flow unstoppable. Although the Varga album shows a battered upright on the cover, his piano is beautifully captured in a lively studio atmosphere, while the Dausgaard recording shows a lightness of touch not common with what can become a real orchestral potboiler. And then there’s the conductor – taking the piece at a thrilling pace, while still building skilfully to the big theme in the symphony’s final movement.


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