Wireworld Eclipse and Aurora Cables $1920 2M Review

November 1, 2022 Comments Off on Wireworld Eclipse and Aurora Cables $1920 2M Review

Wireworld is one of my favorite cable brands. They simply deliver great build quality, excellent customer service, and a good sounding, well reasoned product. There are those out there who will claim cables cannot and do not make a difference. I understand why they think that because I also used to think that. Wireworld was the company that proved me wrong. Every product I have used of theirs has made an improvement or a change that makes sense. The value in high end cabling is very much in the eye of the beholder. As someone with a mid five-figure 2-channel system, buying cables like this can make sense. However, as I said above, do not buy high end cabling (Wireworld’s entry-level lines are fantastic) for entry level systems. Do not buy flagship cabling for mid-level systems. There are better places to spend your money, but if you buy cabling that makes sense for the system you have, you will likely hear a difference, and you spend will be in line with the system you have. For those who are privileged enough to have a system like mine, Wireworld cabling is exceptional and has my highest recommendation. Audition it, touch it, try it, and I doubt you will return it.


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