Aavik Acoustics S-280 Network Music Player

November 17, 2022 Comments Off on Aavik Acoustics S-280 Network Music Player


192 files such as the glorious RCA Boston Munch Ravel La Valse were both incredible for demonstrating Munch’s total idiomatic Ravel and the power of the Boston Symphony. Play this or a HiRes of Reiner’s Chicago Scheherazade, even next to the Analogue Productions vinyl, and the S-280 compares well. In my books, that’s a first. And when comparing the S-280 files to my standalone MBL CD/DAC (a Red Book-only $15,400 CD player), probably one of the most musical digital playback devices I know, the streamer was comparable on a superb SACD (played back at MBL Red Book only)—Mischa Maisky plays Schubert with Martha Argerich, ESOTERIC SACD remaster. The Qobuz comparison file was also Red Book not the fancy remaster. I could live happily with the S-280 playback level. Yes, that good.


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