GigaWatt PF-1e, PF-1 EVO, and PF-2 EVO Power Strips

December 3, 2022 Comments Off on GigaWatt PF-1e, PF-1 EVO, and PF-2 EVO Power Strips

The PF-2 EVO Power Strip is equipped with six high-quality power sockets GigaWatt G-040 Schuko, designed and manufactured by the company. The brass connectors of those sockets were silver-plated at the factory, without the usage of intermediary metals, like copper or nickel, which could introduce unfavorable series resistance and voltage loss. The increased area of contact and the thick layer of silver guarantee sure contact with the plug pins. The sockets were additionally subdued to cryogenic modification and a demagnetizing process. In order to effectively protect children, the G-040 sockets were equipped with integrated anti-surge shutters (increased protection against touching, conform with VDE 0620). The PF-2 EVO is also available with outlets of type NEMA 5-20R, used in North America and some Asian countries, and with Australian outlets of type AS/NZS 3112.

Being much taller and at 4,9 kilograms again significantly heavier, the PF-2 EVO’s chassis is built differently than the other two. All internal elements of the Power Strip are closed in a double metal chassis. This enclosure is a perfectly tight shield against RFI and EMI noise. The strip is also equipped with a LED indicating proper operation of the device and a circuit indicating wrong polarization of the power line or wrongly connected grounding.


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