December 28, 2022 Comments Off on SMSL DO200 MKII $499 REVIEW

With 4 ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuits, a custom ultra-low noise power supply, and Texas Instruments capacitors, the DAC is advertised as “noiseless, or almost”. On paper, the SMSL DO200 MKII should be able to match its predecessor and my lovely Cayin iDAC-6 which remains my personal choice in this price range.

Yet, the “piece of resistance” remains the fully-balanced circuitry. I still couldn’t open this device but, from the official pics, you can easily see how clean the build is: blackboard, symmetrical supply lines, topped up by capacitors perfectly aligned and ready to work.

Numbers? With a 32ohm Load, the SMSL DO200 MKII harmonic distortion reaches an abysmal level (0.00008%) while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio (128dB). Some DAC outperforms the device in this aspect, but almost none are available in the same price range. Last but not least, SMSL gave us some measurements and if I couldn’t do the same, RMS Level and scope are always interesting to look at, from an objective point of view. Line level, the DO200 reaches 123dB per channel, with a 0.000066% THD+N ratio.


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