GoldenEar ForceField 40 Subwoofer $1200 Review

February 17, 2023 Comments Off on GoldenEar ForceField 40 Subwoofer $1200 Review

Where the ForceField 40 shines is with reproducing instruments like kickdrums, so tracks such as “Life’s Been Good” from The Eagles: Farewell 1 Live from Melbourne Blu-ray highlight the positives this sub brings to the table.

Unfortunately, those of us who love movies want to dig a bit deeper than this sub can go, which limits its audience. In a similar size package and price, you could get an SVS SB3000 with a larger 13-inch woofer, allowing it to hit those lower notes easily and offering an app for fine-tuning the output. That caveat aside, the GoldenEar is an excellent performer for its size. It is a well-built option for music lovers to complement their bookshelf or compact tower speakers without fear of annoying the neighbors or waking the dead.


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