Audia Flight FLS10 Integrated Amplifier $12,999 DAC

March 20, 2023 Comments Off on Audia Flight FLS10 Integrated Amplifier $12,999 DAC

Audia Flight’s FLS10 is a terrific integrated amplifier. It’s hand-built to a high standard, with a solidity that’s impressive for the price. The 200Wpc power rating felt conservative as it went toe-to-toe with my 301Wpc reference Hegel H590 integrated amp in my large room, and it never faltered. Its ability to pirouette from pop rock to sacred music to electronica-infused soundtracks, and from whisper quiet to eardrum-splitting levels, was evidence to me that the FLS10 could be an endgame amplifier solution for many audiophiles. The Audia Flight’s magic midrange, with its intoxicating combination of warmth, layered texturing, and fine detail, was a most welcome quality in my system for many months, and I still feel its absence. If you’re in the market for a high-powered, five-figure integrated amplifier, Audia Flight’s FLS10 warrants—demands, even—your consideration. It’s that good.


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