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” Despite my unbridled rage over the nonsense UI functionality, this player sounds fantastic. It is the first under $500 DAP that I’ve used that compares to the iBasso DX90 using Rockbox…and Rockbox sounds better than the stock Mango, un-modded OS of the DX90 and in my opinion even the Fiio X5. But, I’ve failed blind testing between them when comparisons were drawn between the Rockboxed DX90 and the L3. So, there is a hierarchy going on here and the L3 is undeniably my pick for the best overall clarity in a mid-fi DAP that isn’t modded. Both players are near identical in setup and feel, overall texture, clarity and dynamics across the board. It isn’t until I play DSD files that I know I am using the L3. With those higher res files, a noticeably higher purity level factor becomes evident and it bests the DX90 Rockbox modded sound by a step or two. Not much, but enough to hear it and to be able to call it superior when A/Bing a DSD file with it’s .Flac version.”



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