” I have taken pains, so far, to avoid a detailed comparison of the U-300 with my reference tube gear. I can’t say that the Aavik sounds like tubes, but neither can I say that it sounds solid-state. It sounds like music. Perhaps it is not quite as full-bodied or three-dimensional as competitive tube gear, but it is close enough to be totally satisfying on the broadest range of music. And it is so fast, and so black of background, that it leaves much tube gear in its wake. Moreover, finding tube preamps and power amps that will drive the 20.7s with the ease and alacrity of the Aavik is not an easy or inexpensive undertaking. The U-300 is the first solid-state preamp and amp combination I have auditioned, in my own system, that offers a fully satisfying alternative to high-powered tubes.”



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