Mark Levinson No.29 power amplifier System $2800 Review

November 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

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“As to how my sonic impressions of the two amplifiers varied with the loudspeaker in use, I had the most difficulty coming up with a hard preference with the Apogees Stages, perhaps reminiscent of Dick Olsher’s difficulties in finding a totally happy match for those loudspeakers. But I found my glass 90% full with both amplifiers. The definition and focus of the Levinson was a powerful draw. The palpable quality of the Stages themselves compensated to some degree for a reduction in that quality in the Levinson, making for an overall performance which was detailed, well-defined in width and depth, and appealingly transparent. The Rowland, on the other hand, was a bit more relaxed, less obviously detailed, but with highs which could, with the right recording, be almost breathtakingly delicate and silky-smooth. The Rowland also had a midrange which was lucid, strikingly tactile, and musically convincing. Not an easy choice.”




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