RAIDHO D-5.1 $225,000 REVIEW

December 3, 2016 § Leave a comment


” Of course, using those port plugs does cut down on midbass slam, which is one of the things that the unplugged D-5.1, like the D-5, has galore. OTOH, it removes the vestiges of darkness that otherwise cling to the speaker, giving the D-5.1 a very neutral overall balance and markedly improving low-end coherence and definition. Obviously, to plug or unplug will be a matter of taste (and room size and acoustics). But, to my ear, in my room, the plugged version of the D-5.1 completes the renovation of the D-5, making it a wholly new and truly improved transducer suitable for every kind of listener—accuracy, absolute sound, and musicality. If that isn’t a leap forward, I’d like to know what is”



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