SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer Reviewed

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“Probably everyone considering the SB16-Ultra would also consider the $1,599 SB13-Ultra, but the SB16-Ultra looks like the better buy. The SB16-Ultra is a little larger and $400 more, but surely has substantially higher output. The SB13-Ultra does offer parametric EQ, but it has two bands compared to three in the SB16-Ultra, and the center frequencies are fixed in 1/6th-octave steps rather than the 1-Hz steps of the SB16-Ultra. The SB16-Ultra’s EQ offers narrower Q settings, which would make it easier to “notch out” narrow peaks. However, the SB13-Ultra has an integral high-pass filter that can filter the bass out of your main speakers, which will come in handy in stereo systems using a preamp with no subwoofer crossover.”



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