Elemental -Watson Hybrid headphone amp Review

March 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

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” The amps most standout points when it comes to sonics would be its slightly thinner treble tone that does account for it being a more excitable product and beyond that, it is full sounding with a spread out soundstage. It can also easily be categorised as your traditional warm valve based piece of electronics, just with the injection of energy. The bass is thick and firm, I wouldn’t say it is that woolly, soft type of low end you get with some tube amps. It really compliments the HD800, which is not known for copious amounts of bass and the combination has a really hard hitting low end! The midrange seems to edge towards clarity which makes sense as the treble is airy and exciting. I find the treble to be the weakest area, sometimes making tssh like notes and feeling just a bit feeble. It’s no tragedy don’t get me wrong, as I said it still plays well with my Sennheiser’s which can easily sound unlistenable if the treble gets too out of hand.”



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