Revel Concerta2 F36 Floorstanding Speaker Review

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“The F36’s treble sounds neutral–not boosted or rolled off–but it’s exceptionally clear. This means if a recording is bad, the F36 will let you know it. I can’t say the speakers highlighted the grating surface-noise effects added to parts of Freddie Joachim’s “Shoulder Kiss,” but they did nothing to cover up what to me is a regrettable aesthetic decision. I had to turn the system down about 10 decibels to tolerate this recording. A speaker with a soft-dome tweeter (and a soft-sounding soft dome at that) would probably sound more pleasing on recordings like this, or on Toto’s somewhat bright-sounding Toto IV, but there’s no way it would deliver the detail and sense of space that the F36 presents.”


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