Gryphon Audio Designs Antileon Evo Stereo Amplifier Review

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” It’s not quite as quiet as either of the earlier amps, though so close that in listening it made no difference. After all, we don’t listen with an ear pressed against a tweeter, which was the only time I could hear any noise from the Evo. Although I’m now relying only on my memories of the sounds of those older amps, I can say that the Evo’s soundstaging was just a touch bigger than the Colosseum’s, and virtually matched the Mephisto’s. I also think the Evo sounded more, um, analog than the Mephisto or Colosseum. By which I mean not that its sound was “slower” or less resolving, but that it was so cohesive — entirely of a piece — and easygoing. Though the Antileon Evo has impressive resolving capabilities and admirable speed and agility, those traits didn’t stand out and call attention to themselves; instead, I simply appreciated how natural the Evo sounded with any music I threw at it.”



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