Noble Audio in-ear headphones Massdrop price drop for $250.

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“Max Richter’s “Recomposed: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons” that sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly revamps the original Vivaldi masterpiece was a joy over the X. Somehow the real chamber strings and synthesized sounds never clashed, and the ‘X just lets them be. Switching over to another of my favorite in-ears in the X’s price range, the 1More Quad Driver, that one made more, but less well-defined bass. In fact, the Quad Driver’s sound was less clear, less exciting, but that headphone was easier to listen to with harsh, over-compressed recording like Austin, Texas pop rockers Spoon’s latest album, “Hot Thoughts.” Their songs are just as good as ever, but like most recent Spoon albums, the sound grates on the ears with the X.”


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