Monoprice Monolith Air Motion Cinema 5 Bookshelf Review

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“Cabinet construction on the Air Motion speakers looks quite good. The Air Motion speakers are hefty little bookshelf and center speakers, weighing 14.3 and 26.5 lbs respectively. The knock test produces a dulled sound that bodes well for quiet paneling during the speaker’s operation. The cabinet panels are made from high-density fiberboard of a 21 mm thickness (or just over ⅘ inches), however, MDF has greater self-damping and is said to be a superior acoustic material. There is a window brace midway in the speaker between the woofer and tweeter that is also 21 mm HDF. As mentioned before, the tweeter has its own sealed compartment to completely block off backwave pressure from the woofer from interfering with the tweeter’s lateral travel during playback. ”


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