TIDAL Audio Piano Diacera G2 Loudspeakers $33,990 Review

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” The first part of the Nocturne in C Minor is slow and contemplative. Here, Ott’s highly emotive phrasing and touch were convincingly conveyed by the beautiful attack-decay and sustain-release characteristics of her notes through the TIDAL speakers. I thought it a real shame that the Nocturne in C Minor was not performed in its entirety on this track as the complete work also showcases a pianist’s pyrotechnic virtuosity. Nevertheless, I listened to The Chopin Project uninterrupted from beginning to end a number of times, which was exceptional considering the digital musical cornucopia I now had at my fingertips. I am certain that the Piano Diacera G2’s honest re-creation of the stark beauty of this minimalist music is a major reason why I enjoy it so much.”


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