Audio Physic Codex Loudspeakers $14,995 Review

August 6, 2017 § Leave a comment

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” I went on to enjoy “Serene,” an instrumental that’s much too easy to get lost in. I leaned back, letting my foot tap to Bruce’s rhythmic bass, and began to focus on each element onstage. Beck’s electric guitar is clearly the focal point of this track, and the Codexes did a commendable job of balancing the instrument’s dynamism and tonality. E-guitars can sometimes sound a bit screechy through speakers as detailed as the Codex, but I heard none of that. What I heard were smooth, dense, vibrant notes complemented by Bruce’s unfailing bass and Jason Rebello’s melodic keyboards. About two-thirds of the way into the track, behind Colaiuta’s drums and fast, transient brass, I was treated to an airy if somewhat recessed tambourine. It was easy to discern the different types of brass at play. Holographic, resolute, and articulate? The Audio Physic Codex was all three.”


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