Campfire Vega Review

September 1, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“The high frequencies are sussed out in smooth but detailed manner. They help define the overall signature not quite as “fun” in the exaggerated manner, but more of a level-headed response to excitement and more importantly, a solid take on reality. Not fatiguing in the least, reach upward is decent with doses of “special”, depending on source material .The mids may be a spectacular as the Andromeda, but the emphasized bass shifts perception away from the vocals. This isn’t so say that the low end covers the mids in any way, but rather produces a slightly different voicing between the two. Retrieval of information is the centerpiece here, with the bumps and valleys of FR playing second fiddle to the overall intent of piece. The feel is dynamic as the driver suggests, but also lively with a dash of spice on either end of the spectrum. It’s a hair less dry than what one might expect from your typical BA construct, with layers of organic response pieced together for a tack sharp image that makes its way to the furthest edges of the frame.”



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