Paradigm Persona 7F Loudspeakers Review

November 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“Aron pointed out that the Atrias painted more sharply defined soundstage images and that, with certain tracks, the inherent warmth of their sound appealed to him more than did the sound of the Persona 7Fs. On the other hand, by reproducing the sound of drums with greater “dynamic drive and depth” while still sounding “light on their feet,” the Paradigms took the lead. Furthermore, when he turned up the volume, “things changed.” For instance, with recordings of acoustic piano, the Persona 7Fs were able to play “louder while maintaining their ease, neutrality, and realism,” while the Atrias “sounded sharper and more aggressive.” And bass-wise, it was no contest: “The Atrias simply couldn’t compete here. The Persona 7F’s robust twin 8.5” woofers and bigger cabinet volume let it dig considerably deeper in the bass and with greater control than the Atria’s single 9” woofer.”


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