Systemdek • 3D Reference Mk II Turntable £29,995 Review

November 23, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“One area that challenges any suspended design is speed stability, and in this respect the Reference Mk II was no different. Bracketing on the Feickert Platter Speed app was noticeably more lax than on the close-coupled decks like the Kuzma Stabi M or VPI Classic 4, and playing piano recordings in particular, the lack of absolute pitch and temporal security was apparent, whether in the diminished dexterity of Benedetti Michelangeli or the subtle lack of physical substance underpinning the instrument on Nick Cave’s “Into My Arms” (The Boatman’s Call [Stumm 142]). Is this a deal-breaker? No. Indeed, until the appearance of decks like the VPI Classic and the Grand Prix Audio Monaco, the sonic impact of relatively poor speed stability was the dirty secret we all lived with. Those decks weren’t the first (or even close to being the first) to advance the cause of temporal accuracy — but they were the ones that dragged the issue kicking and screaming into the harsh light of audiophile day.”


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