Rogue Audio RP-7 Tube Preamplifier $4995 – Review

December 16, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“I’m happy to say that the Rogue Audio RP-7 was good enough for me to use without yearning to switch back to my reference preamps. Of course, I did switch back to these reference preamps for comparisons sake. I put back into the system the Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-33 preamplifier for a while, a vacuum tube preamp that is one I’ve used on and off in my system for over two years. This preamp sells for two thousand dollars more than the RP-7 in its standard configuration, and although this isn’t a shoot-out, I can honestly say that the two preamps are more the same than different, and that is great praise for the Rogue Audio preamp. I also reinstalled the two solid-state preamps I had on hand. After becoming accustomed to the different sound that a solid-state preamplifier offers, it was easy to deduce that both these preamps sounded superior to the Rogue preamp. But I was also astounded that the reference units were not necessarily better in every area. This is not a trivial matter, not only because both these preamps are 2017 Blue Note Award winners, but because these preamps much costlier than the Rogue Audio preamp.”



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