Cayin i5 Review

December 23, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“Cayin i5: The i5 user interface looks a lot like that of the N5ii but that last one has some more option. Versatility and user wise these DAPs are very much alike but the new N5ii is the easiest to use. Its jacket fits better, the volume dial is smoother and the smaller and lighter N5ii just is easier to work in your hand. The screen on the i5 is somewhat nicer though as the N5ii’s screen has a more blue color. Sound wise I find the i5 to have a noisier background but the i5 still sounds really good. To me the N5ii and i5 are very close to each other and the biggest different is in the mids (layering) and the vocals. The voices are a tad softer from the N5ii where they have a sharper edge from the i5, making them sound more forward. In general I also find the N5ii is the better balanced one, where the i5 has the tendency to put the upper mids and treble more upfront. But these are very close to each other, there’s no night and day difference.”


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