Wilson Sabrina Review

December 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“Everyone knows that tubes have their special way with voices and midrange in general and I have my fair share of experience in this field too, but I really did not expect this. Apparently this is one of those rare occasions where a magical match is made. After 20 minutes of playing time (the amp was brand new) involvement was raised to the point where it became hard to walk away. In spite of the low absolute power, the sound was incredibly captivating and dynamics were now seemingly more expansive than with either of the big transistor amps as well as the Ref 75. I couldn’t suppress a smile while I cued some vicious Madonna tracks while cranking up the volume. Smooth as smooth can be but boy now the Sabrinas sure rocked! So is this supposed power hungry aspect nonsense? Well, yes and no. If you play truly dynamic music such as classical pieces very loudly, the peaks could come out more compressed than with the Ayre and the Bryston. During my normal listening sessions playing (much more compressed-) soul, funk, jazz and electronic I did not become aware of any limitations of power, unless really pushing it to levels where the neighbours might come knocking on my door. I can imagine that a super amp such as a Soulution 511 or even 711 might extract the maximum dynamic performance from the Sabrinas but this is speculation.”


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