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‘The sonic difference between the Rim Drive vs the Belt Drive is one of personal preference. They do sound quite different. On the 1st movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, with Bernstein directing NY Philharmonic Orchestra (Analogphonic DGG 423 395-1), the Rim Drive offers a more upfront and robust presentation which brings you closer to the front seats At the same time there is great accent on bass extension, and more colors and weight on the individual instruments. The belt drive delivers a more laid back presentation with less solid images and less bass impact, but you’ll get more top end ambiance, more finesse, more harmonic decay and a more relaxed sense of “musical flow”. The same can be said of “The Music of Pablo de Sarasate”, performed by Aaron Rosand (VOX STPL 512.760) The belt drive mechanism delivers more harmonic richness to the sound of his famous Guarneri del Gesù violin, allowing more of the microdynamics to come through as his bow dances on the strings.”



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