Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Headphones $2,495 Review

March 2, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The iSine 10 and 20 were game changers in 2016, and unlike any other in-ears I’ve reviewed—so how could the LCDi4s top them? The compar- isons were finished in short order: The iSine 10/20s are still astonishing, but the LCDi4s are an alto- gether more refined, transparent device, even when plugged into something as mundane as my iPhone 6S’s 3.5mm headphone jack. When I returned to the iSine 20s after spending time with the i4, the 20s sounded cloudy and veiled. Still, the LCDi4s won’t play super loud with smartphones, even with the latest version of Audeze’s Cipher cable that features a built-in digital converter for use with the iPhone’s Lightning connector. But it does take the LCDi4’s sound quality to the next level with even better bass extension/definition, transparency, and treble purity versus the 3.5mm plug connection.”



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