TriangleArt Master Reference turntable system $39,900 Review

March 4, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The Osiris MkII’s arm tube is made of Ebony Makassar wood with a brass housing. This wood tonearm is not the same as the choices of material on similarly priced competitive arms, such as light and rigid alloys or even carbon fiber. However, the arm tube is designed to accommodate the two brass counterweights included and both are to be used even with the 11.9 grams of the Apollo. Tom’s customary reluctance in divulging technical details means all is in the listening. The tonearm’s specified cartridge range of 6 to 18g means care should be taken in selecting cartridges within that range; speaking for myself, I’d love to have the freedom to use some uber expensive and heavy cartridges on the Master Reference turntable, given its price class. Maybe Tom will create a linear-tracking arm with no practical cartridge range limitation. Lastly, the tonearm is wired with 99.9999 cryogenically treated silver wire and fitted with RCA connectors. At the opposite end, the cartridge connectors in the headshell are sturdier and more substantial than in all other headshells I’ve seen. With an effective mass of 35 grams at the highest, the Osiris MkII is a very high-mass offering.”


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