Melokin DA9.1 DAC/Amp Review

March 18, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“Conclusion: For the price there are more powerful amp combos out there, but few offer the digital filters this DAC has. And also few are running the newer ESS9038Pro chip, which provides excellent sound quality. Use as a standalone DAC is outstanding for the price, it surpasses my JDS Labs EL DAC in sheer detail retrieval and absolute neutrality, whereas the EL DAC is ever so slight smoother and a little less focussed on absolute transparency like the DA9.1.
The DA9.1 has an ok built in headphone amp, it drives most headphones well, and the adjustable output impedance is great with certain high impedance loads. This little unit has tons of features for the price, and I can easily recommend it if you are after absolute neutrality and a clean sounding DAC/Amp.”


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