iFi nano iDSD Black Label Amp/DAC $200 Review

March 25, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The unit is specified to run up to 10 hours on battery power with IEMs or efficient headphones. With two sets of moderately efficient cans and one set of inefficient ones—the first three mentioned below, and connected one at a time—it ran my 57-minute playlist nearly three times, or fewer than three hours, before the red battery-discharged indicator went on. iFi clarified that their initial production had firmware that set the battery warning LED too conservatively and that the unit runs about twice the time indicated by the light. I verified that the Black Label did last a more reasonable five to six hours on a full charge irrespective of the LED. Current production has the updated firmware in place, and any customer in the field who encounters this and wishes to correct it can send their unit to iFi’s service center for a software update (http://support,ifi-audio.com). In any event, the issue is cosmetic and has no effect on the unit’s performance.”


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