Einstein The Pure Loudspeaker $48,000 Review

April 23, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“Perhaps the defining, nay, dominant characteristic of The Pure surely has to be explosive dynamic expressionism first, coupled with nuanced yet lively resolution of the incoming musical signal next. To wit, these also happen to be the strongest defining character traits of the entire EINSTEIN ecosystem, thusly adding even more juice to the all-important decibel knob, otherwise known as volume. Frankly, The Pure’s concept isn’t really new. Crossoverless speakers surely have been around for some time, and I’ve been a fan of them ever since I first got sucked into the zoo, that is Zu Druids and Definition speakers. Undoubtedly, that dynamic expressionism, the tonal correctness, and the otherwise effortless sound simply speak to me and my listening style. It’s full range or bust. You certainly don’t walk up to your favorite performer and ask him to compress his guitar, drums, or piano just because your system isn’t capable of reproducing it ”


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