Spendor A2 Loudspeakers $2395 Review

May 16, 2018 § Leave a comment

Rere Here

“My preamp is the new PS Audio Gain Cell DAC (reviewed HERE), which combines a truly superb balanced, analog preamp with an ambitiously good and tailorable DAC; it also offers every digital input imaginable, and is remarkably transparent for an under $2K combo unit. For digital sources, I have an Oppo disc-spinner that I use as a CD transport and for SACDs; I also employ a custom-built Acer laptop with a complement of multiple Solid State Drives as my music server. It’s connected to the Sonore UltraRendu (reviewed HERE) for streaming digital files to the PS Audio DAC; in between is a JCAT USB Isolator for galvanic noise suppression. Analog sources include a new Project The Classic SB turntable (reviewed HERE); it’s fitted with a magnificent Hana EL moving coil cartridge that’s connected to the also superb Sutherland KC Vibe Phono Preamp; reviews of the two latter items are forthcoming shortly. Cables are all by MG Audio (loudspeaker connections), AudioQuest and Project (single-ended analog interconnects), Pangea (silver USB and coax digital interconnects), and Blue Jeans Cables (balanced analog interconnects and system network cables).”


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