Alta Audio Hestia Titanium Loudspeaker Review

July 16, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The imaging and sound staging of the Hestia Titanium is as good as I have heard in my room. It’s vivid and well resolved, yet the smooth mid band and treble provide great contrast to the dead silent background, allowing images to really pop into focus. Not as laid back as the Lansche 4.1, or as forward as the Sonus Faber Lilium, they most resemble the GoldenEar Triton Reference in soundstage perspective. The depth is excellent, and left to right width is limited to how wide the speakers are placed and the quality of the source material. The dipole mid band calls no attention to itself, but would appear to help resolve and untangle densely recorded compositions while adding a nice rendition of air and space when present on the recording. While precise, they were not as laser focused as the more than twice the price Lilium. There is a slight rounding to the outlines which sounds very natural and convincing with the Hestia Titanium. Here the Hestia Titanium and the 55K Lansche have much in common. Both present music in a way that very slightly de-emphasizes outlines in favor of a fleshier, dimensional image. Or perhaps they are simply rendering what the signal is presenting? Either way, this is hardly a criticism and is a quality that I much prefer.”


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