Muraudio SP1 Loudspeakers $14,700 Review

August 14, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“In the 1990s, I had a pair of Apogee Centaur Minor speakers and, fairly or unfairly, they’ve affected my view of hybrid designs ever since. The Centaur Minor had a 6.5” dynamic woofer alongside a 26”-high ribbon tweeter, and were murder to set up properly in my room — they sounded good only in just the right places, and then only if I never moved my head. If I moved my head even an inch to left or right, the soundstage would disappear and the tonal balance would go all wrong. But even with my head in that virtual vise, I could always tell which sounds were being produced by the dynamic woofer and which by the ribbon tweeter — the former sounded a bit rubbery and soft, the latter fast and crisp. Forget any sort of convincing reproduction of the sound of an acoustic piano, which ranges from the very low bass up past 4kHz — the very different sounds of the Minor’s drivers screwed that up completely.”


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