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“Overall, I loved my time with these headphones. Being able to “cut the cord” and walk around without being tethered to a dedicated headphone amplifier was very liberating. As well, for those who are wary of getting into a top flight pair of headphones and don’t want to spend a small fortune on an upsteam amplifier and/or DAC, they no longer have to concern themselves with these potential added costs. These are the two biggest advantages with wireless headphones in my experience and the folks at beyerdynamic have done a fantastic job in this regard. Tonality, these are incredibly open and neutral sounding headphones. Some might prefer a bit more heft or energy in terms of the bass, but I was quite satisfied with what I heard. The layering and detail of the bass quality were both excellent to my ears. The simple control functions on the earcup were both intuitive and functioned quite easily. Coming in at $699 ”


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