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“My takeaway from the measurements is that they confirm my listening impressions. This is probably why trying to equalize these speakers (at all) provides no significant improvement. They’re designed to work just fine, thank you, right out of the box! No room correction, parametric equalizers, or bass foolery required. Now this presumes (obviously) that you have a room that is not an echo chamber, that your speaker placement in the room is symmetrical from right to left, and that you’re willing to do some “speaker dancing” to find the best position for the Revels. Should any of those conditions not be so, then you’ll probably benefit significantly from some of the room correction software available on most any AVR or HT processor.

Which brings up yet another issue. Although you CAN run the Revel Performa M126Be speakers from an AVR, I wouldn’t generally recommend it. The Revels are Lipizzaner Stallions, not dray horses. They’ll show you the best (and the worst) of the associated electronics. Unless you get very lucky, hooking up a “bargain” receiver, preamp, power amp, or integrated to the Revels will only show you the error of your ways. I consider my Arcam AVR550 an unusual enough uber-performer in the world of AV receivers that I can get away with using it with the Revels, but only barely.”


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