AVM Ovation CS 8.2 – $12,995. Review

October 23, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“I know a number of seasoned audiophiles who have or are about to give up the search for the sonic Holy Grail and are looking to downsize their systems. For them, the AVM Ovation CS 8.2 would be a good solution. In addition to the advantage of saving space, there would also be a corresponding savings as a result of the elimination of several sets of interconnects and power cords.

For audiophiles who are starting out but do not want to make the investments in multiple boxes and software again, the CS 8.2 is a solution. There are those who would argue that anyone owning a unit such as this simply isn’t an audiophile. Well, that’s an opinion. I’m saying that the convenience of the CS8.2 is desirable, but what counts is the sound quality. As I said earlier, this is a unit that I would be quite happy to own. Given the build and sonic qualities, plus the convenience.”


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