Benchmark Media Systems’ DAC3 HGC $2195 Review

October 24, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“This is the problem the AHB2 is intended to solve with its claimed dynamic range of 135dB—that’s the ratio of the noise (inputs shorted) relative to the full output voltage. A more relevant figure is 0.0003%, the AHB2’s total harmonic distortion plus noise at full power, relative to the maximum output voltage. That corresponds to an SNR of about 110dB. That number should be better bridged, and JA’s measurements show that just below full power, the distortion is lower by at least a factor of 10, so it should be possible to achieve significantly better SNR by listening just below maximum volume. Which means that 120dB is in sight.

Assuming, then, that there are no other noisy components in the signal path—no preamp—the AHB2 delivers to your speakers more of the resolution and dynamic range of the DAC3 (or other high-performing DAC) than will most other amplifiers.”


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