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“Bass is detailed, fast, tight and perfectly in balance. Impact and body-wise you don’t get the biggest bass but it’s in no way flat or absent. You get quality over quantity but it will depend on the headphone and even the tubes used. Differently said, the Euforia doesn’t really add any extra bass unless you’re pushing it but it will get the best possible bass to your headphone. Bass layering is very good as well. A clean, yet powerful bass, I certainly appreciate it.

The mids flow perfectly from the bass with the same characteristics body and impact-wise. The mids are always in-line and neutrality here also is a key characteristic. Nothing is being pushed forward or to the back and you get a clean, detailed and spacious sound which is realistic and engaging. The mid dynamics are exemplary and again you get just enough of that tube richness and smoothness to make the amp really shine in this area. The voices also are to dream away with. I read another review where they said the mids weren’t engaging, but if you don’t fond them engaging with the stock tubes, I can only advise to get a better set of tubes, cause they are very engaging with my setup”


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