Focal Kanta No.2 loudspeaker $9999 Review

November 9, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The Kanta No.2s are provided with bases made of Zomac, an alloy of zinc and aluminum, that include spikes that can be extended by turning knurled knobs, similar to the method used by Monitor Audio—a convenient design that permits the precise control of leveling. I first listened to the Focals with the spikes retracted, extending them only when I felt the speakers were in their final positions, and protecting my wood floor with metal discs. Listening to the sort of bass-heavy music that’s expected to reveal the effects of spikes, I compared the Focals’ sound with and without spikes, going back and forth several times. The spikes certainly made an audible difference, but I wasn’t sure it was an improvement. With spikes, the bass was a little tighter but also a bit subdued—which may be another way of saying “tighter.” But see my discussion below of the effects of IsoAcoustics’ Gaia isolation devices for speakers.”


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