Burmester Ambience BA71 Loudspeakers $55,000 Review

November 14, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“With the Ambience BA71s positioned as best as I could manage, and before doing any serious listening, I let them burn in for a good 200 hours, which gave me time to think about why I’d had so much trouble getting these speakers to sound right in my room. I concluded that there were just too many cooks in the kitchen. My first struggle had been with the BA71s’ MTM arrays and getting the image to snap into focus: I’d found that the Burmesters’ listening window was very narrow — I had to position my head just so between the speakers. My next challenge was with the AMT: when I listened on its axis, the sound was just too bright, even with the rear, ambience AMT dialed all the way down. As I reduced the speakers’ toe-in to smooth out the AMTs, I had to be very careful not to lose proper imaging. Minimizing toe-in seemed to increase the efficacy of the rear-firing AMT, but I had to be careful here, too — if I got too greedy for ambience, the increased high-frequency energy translated to a leaner upper midbass, emphasizing the brightness from the front-firing AMT.”



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