MarkAudio-SOTA Viotti Tower World Premiere $5995 Review

January 8, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“First of all the Viotti Towers are classy to look at and they sound classy too; there’s nothing remotely uncouth about the looks or sound. Their sound is coherent and cohesive; at no point are you made aware of any change in character through the frequency bands, the five drivers per side operate as one, and they blend magically in glorious unison. I’d describe the Tower sound as sonorous rather than trying to play a nervous balancing act on a knife edge seeking to pierce your ears; this is crucial when several sources are in use all with their own sonic foibles. As for bass they are supremely capable. Some speakers are tilted towards the bass making everything sound bass heavy, the Towers are not like this. The Towers can produce thunderous bass, far more than I’d expected given the available cone area. Such bass is only reproduced when the source material demands it, though as you’d hope with speakers of this size the sound is rich with excellent body and realism.”


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