Kharma Elegance dB7-S Loudspeakers $31,250 Review

January 11, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Listening to music at an audio show isn’t really enough, I’ve demonstrated audio products at thirty of them, in some really delightful cities in really terrible hotel rooms. And while the sound delivered can be sometimes described as impressive and able to highlight the strength of a given product, it really is not what a quality audio dealer can arrange. I also strongly suggest that you look, too, for actual a co-operative working relationship (a partnership of equals which most often reveals a foundation of natural respectful cooperation) with your store front audio provider, they actually do have your best interests in mind and built from a foundation of mutual trust, they and your sonic goals will be fulfilled, I promise.

In the case of the dB7-S, all these criteria are manifested to an extended level of distinction, from the excellent performance in all the important audio aspects via advanced drivers and meticulous crossover and enclosure design, to the extraordinary industry-leading fit and finish standards and on to the outstandingly attractive appearance further enhanced by a wide variety of optional and aesthetic customer configurable elements. In conjunction, all of these principles make up a convincing foundation for one judgment: that indeed, the dB7-S represents a true and extremely desirable high-end speaker system.”



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