Schiit Lyr 3 Desktop Headamp Review

January 22, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Now the truth is: some people like solid-state, modern technology, while others prefer old world tube charm. And the Lyr 3 gives you that charm, only more so. I’ll explain: given the qualities which we, as audiophiles, desire from our listening experiences for the most, we return time and again to the roots of audio technology ā€“ the vacuum tube; perhaps in hope of reviving or bestowing a bit more of the guttural, living essence upon recordings from the past. And by that I mean either revealing more actual musical information in those recordings or adding sufficient distortion products that the ear is copasetic with and believes is real, yet in either case you feel more like you are there!

Well, Schiit’s Lyr 3 picks up where the Jotunheim leaves off, offering the same modular and upgradeable capability, super build and sound quality, but with the center of the amplification circuit being a vacuum tube ā€“ a 6N8S NOS (New Old Stock) valve. That and a wealth of modifications, improvements, and redesigning of the older (now discontinued) Lyr 2, which featured two vacuum tubes instead of one have brought this sister headamp up to an even higher level of musical fidelity. In fact, the Lyr 3’s unique current-mode, non-inverting tube/BJT hybrid topology eliminates the need for interstage coupling capacitors between sections of the pre-amp. Instead, the two disparate devices work seamlessly together, with no input or output capacitors, no interstage capacitors, and an overbuilt five-pole bias servo to smoothly supply instantaneous and unfettered power to all stages of the amplification and DAC circuits.”



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