Revel Performa F228Be loudspeaker $10,000 Review

January 24, 2019 § Leave a comment

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As for comparisons with other loudspeakers, the one I recall sounding most similar to the F228Be is the Kii Audio Three, which offered comparably transparent and nonresonant sound. With the stand-mounted Kii’s I couldn’t load the room with bass as I could with the floorstanding Revels, but that shouldn’t surprise. Fading memory prevents me from comparing the Performa F228Be to the Ultima Studio2; I refer you to the article, “Blind Listening at Harman International,” for some relevant insight. On hand, of course, were my reference B&W 802 D3s, which at $22,000/pair cost far more than the Performa F228Be’s. The B&W’s bass is bigger and equally as tight, and its upper bass endows it with a bit of authority the F228Be lacked. On the other hand, the Revel seemed notably more smooth and linear throughout the rest of the audioband, and didn’t suffer from the B&W’s upper-midrange reticence. And when I put ear to tweeter, the hiss I heard through the B&W was louder, and tipped more to the upper treble.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the sound of Revel’s Performa F228Be’s in my listening room. Across the audioband and at any listening level, they offered remarkably transparent reproduction of music in the tonal, time, and spatial domains, and my ears, brain, and mind simply loved them. I haven’t heard every speaker in the world, but I think that with the Performa F228Be Revel has planted a flag in the ground at the $10,000/pair meridian that challenges all other manufacturers—and themselves—to justify charging any significantly higher price for a domestic loudspeaker.”



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